[mythtv-users] frontend network control port

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 15:34:18 UTC 2010

(0.23 here still)
If I play a file through mythvideo and then use the network control
port to query location I get the following response

# query location
Playback Video 00:00:04 1x myth://Videos@
Bond/17 GoldenEye.mkv 117 25

If I do help play :
# help play
<snip />
play file FILENAME    - Play FILENAME (FILENAME may be a file or a myth:// URL)
<snip />

but if I do:
# play file myth://Videos@ Bond/17 GoldenEye.mkv
# play file "myth://Videos@ Bond/17 GoldenEye.mkv"
# play file myth://Videos@ Bond/"17 GoldenEye.mkv"

it doesnt work...

any ideas?



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