[mythtv-users] install Myth on an off-the-shelf system

okcancel okcancel at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 10 08:26:26 UTC 2010

I need to *remotely* help a non-technical relative setup Myth.
He will follow basic instructions like point, click, type,
connect keyboard, mouse, network cable, coax cable, etc.

But he cannot replace memory, hard disk, etc.
Once the basic system is up and running, I can login via ssh and vnc and do the rest.

To begin, we are looking for a Myth system that:
*  Can be ordered online.
*  Can be used out-of-the WITHOUT adding any more memory, disk, video, etc.
*  Video port can be VGA or HDMI.
*  DVD or CD is not required, should be bootable via USB.
*  No tuner will be installed.
*  Will connect to a HDHomeRun on the LAN. (So HD channels.)
*  A remote control is not required.
*  Has a small footprint, preferably.
*  If more disk space is required later, we can add a USB drive.

In other words, the hardware should be good-to-go. Just add Myth.

Can you recommend such a system (make/model) and the online vendor?

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