[mythtv-users] Scheduler running every 5 minutes or so.

Marco Quezada mellamanjefe at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 05:15:54 UTC 2010

>On 12/09/2010 09:19 PM, Marco Quezada wrote:
>> I noticed that after scheduling tv recordings on my backend the
>> machine stopped shutting down automatically. After looking at the logs
>> I found what appears to be a task from the scheduler running every 5
>> minutes or so.
>Yes.  As it will when doing EIT data collection--because every changed
>listing it inserts needs to be looked at anew for scheduling.
>>   I am new to mythtv so from my current understanding it
>> seems like it is checking the scheduled recordings to update their
>> status. However, my idle timer is set to 15 minutes. I currently use
>> the EIT guide data so this gives me enough time when the machine is on
>> for the backend to grab as much new guide data as possible. Is there a
>> setting somewhere that allows me to change the frequency at which the
>> scheduler updates?
>Nope.  You can find a non-EIT listings source (and not use EIT), or
>change EIT to use passive collection rather than active, or wait until
>EIT active collection is rewritten to use a more-sensible approach.
>>   I did add some manually scheduled recordings to the
>> list but I have noticed this behavior even with automatic scheduling.
>> Is there a chance that the AutoExpire is the culprit also? If so, can
>> someone advise of where the setting is that allows the AutoExpire chek
>> to be scheduled?
>(please no "me too" comments).

Thanks for the quick reply. I followed the link to the ticket and I am
hopeful the latest patch will work.
I will explore switching to SchedulesDirect but for now, where does
one switch from active to passive EIT scans?
The video source setup page on the backend lets me select EIT as the
listings grabber but I see no place to specify
If it should be done actively or passively.

Thanks again.


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