[mythtv-users] Fine Grained Mythtv Tuning

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 05:02:13 UTC 2010

Well, I finally have my system running optimally.  It allows me to
record up to 6 programs while watching 1 ***without judder***

I always though that the machine was powerful enough to endure
anything, and using top, latencytop, iotop, etc - I could not hit the
nail on the head why until I finally turned on debugs and saw it for
myself.  It was not feeding data fast enough for mythtv.  I started
examinig it closer with much higher refresh rates with the above
tools, and indeed, there were millisecond spikes causing the player to

I had previously setup (more for fun than requirement, and
half-complete) fine grained controls over the system, but had an error
I had to track down.  I created a page on the wiki if anyone is
interested in similar.



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