[mythtv-users] zfs-fuse anyone?

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Thu Dec 9 15:05:36 UTC 2010

Am 09.12.2010 15:56, schrieb John Drescher:

> I have been using it on a test box for 8 months now. Although it may
> work in mythtv I would not recommend this. The reason is when building
> my own customized distribution using a tool called metro.
> http://docs.funtoo.org/wiki/Metro
> the zfs-fuse filesystem crashes 100% of the time during the distro
> generation if the source and destination of my distro build are both
> the same zfs filesystem. It seems that writing and reading 1000s of
> files simultaneously causes this problem. This works fine however if
> only 1 is zfs so I moved my /var/tmp to btrfs temporarily. Although
> mythtv never uses thousands of small files I am worried there are
> other bugs like this.

May I suggest to report this issue to the guys developing zfs-fuse?
Should I forward ... ?

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