[mythtv-users] IPTV via Microsoft Mediaroom (Sasktel Max)

Robert Johnston anaerin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 10:36:08 UTC 2010

On 28/11/2010 3:37 PM, Robert Johnston wrote:
> I already have the "Upgrade pack" (I can take images/scan it if you
> like, but you'll probably be getting it soon, and there's nothing really
> groundbreaking in it). Got to say, the backlit new remotes are very
> nice, though only having 3 devices to be able to program (Rather than 4
> on the old remote) is a little bit of a bind, but I still have enough to
> control my TV, Amplifier, and XBox (Frontend, running XBMC). And you can
> redirect the volume control from the "TV" preset to the "Aux" preset. Of
> course, I will make sure I document every step I take (And will probably
> be discussing it on-list too), just as I did with "Old Max".
> Apparently, if one of your boxes misses the upgrade, you can plug it in
> post-upgrade, and it will be upgraded some time between 2am and 6am the
> following day. Chances are they will keep rolling those upgrades out
> overnight until the deployment is complete, too.
> Here's hoping everything goes smoothly, and New Max is as easily tunable
> as Old Max.

Well, I've been upgraded tonight. At the moment, the current system 
still works. There is, however, bad news.

At the moment, the new streams are RTP format, carrying MPEG-TS 
containers, with 4 streams, 1 video (H.264), 2 Audio (AAC) and 1 
"Unknown" stream (Probably Closed Captions). As it stands, however, 
FFMpeg can't handle the streams in question, giving lots of errors on 
the Audio streams (there seems to be a problem decoding the headers, as 
the frequency and number of channels seems to be all over the place, 
from 11KHz and 1 channel, to 96KHz and 20.4(?!?) channels. The video is 
defined as having a frame size of 0x0, which is probably why it's not 
decoding any video, but I have no idea how to proceed beyond that.

The FFMpeg developers have been given sample streams, and thus far we 
have managed to determine that the streams are perfectly valid and 
well-formed RTP. Beyond that, however, we can't say much.

If we can't get these streams looked at, when the older streams are 
disabled (Which more than likely will happen fairly soon, at the end of 
the rollout), then we're up sh!t creek without a paddle.

Eric has sent out some sample captures (posted to this list earlier). 
These can be used with tcpreplay to create a "local" version of the 
streams, if that helps with development and diagnostics.

They're available here:



I hope this helps.

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