[mythtv-users] Options for Backing up Myth data

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Dec 9 03:30:19 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, December 08, 2010 06:07:20 pm Dave Badia wrote:
> Suppose I'll chime in too...
> Myth DB gets backed up nightly via the contrib script.
> All of my servers non-media files get backed up nightly via backuppc
> My important media (family photos and videos) live on raid-1 until
> they get backed up quarterly to DVD-R,  They then get moved to
> "off-site storage" which is my desk drawer at work.  It's pretty
> simple and lets me sleep at night knowing I've got things backed up.
> I personally don't like hard drives for long term off-site storage as
> I feel a hard drive is always one drop away from being wiped out due
> to mechanical failure.  Optical media show at least be reliable for a
> few years.  Just my 2 cents

So depending on the amount of data you have, blu-ray might be a viable 
option, as prices presumably drop.

Seems few people are using BR, it can't be the burner cost, BR burners 
are cheaper today than DVD writers were 2 or 4 years ago, and lots of 
people used DVD for backup then.

So it must be the media cost? This is likely to go down with time.

Or folks are using some other option, but I agree with you that hard 
drives are too fragile to be safe, too complex, and a backup solution 
wants to be as simple as possible.

I think any B/U answer has to use media that's easily user transferable 
between drives/transports, otherwise you are depending on a single drive 
or transport of some type, too risky.

But perhaps I am confusing "backup" and "archive", I guess with video 
it's more archive then backup, but my comments apply to both.

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