[mythtv-users] DirecTV blackouts

blake dsblakewatson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 04:04:54 UTC 2010

Hello, Mythers--

   I'm running the latest Mythbuntu hooked up to a DirecTV box and one
problem I've had from day one (but especially lately) is that I'll suddenly
start getting 0-byte files. I can only fix this by rebooting (or that's the
only solution I've found so far).

   This can start during an otherwise successful recording. So I'll get part
of a show, and suddenly, the recording will stop and all subsequent
recordings will be black.

   I've theorized this to be because the box was rebooted, but I don't know
why I wouldn't get a (e.g.) two hour long file of blackness instead of
zero-byte file. I don't get why mythtv would need to be rebooted, either, if
that were the case.

   Anyone seen this? Have any ideas?

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