[mythtv-users] UDP Driver for LIRC???

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Tue Dec 7 19:38:50 UTC 2010

On 12/7/10 1:35 PM, Brian Wood wrote:
> Please pardon my ignorance, I'm not very well informed on LIRC, once I
> got it working to suit me I pretty much ignored it, and my MyBlaster
> does not need it.
> But, on another list I follow there was a mention of a "UDP driver" for
> LIRC. The posting implied there is some way for machines to receive IR
> commands via ethernet.
> Is this so? Would it be possible to have a remote control machines that
> are out of optical range, but connected to the home network?
Absolutely. I use this with multiple RF remotes that are all connected 
to the same server. I can control multiple frontends anywhere in the 
house, without line-of-sight. I use this device:


to blast a signal into the HDHR's IR receiver. These remotes can then be 
purchased separately from the blaster:


A cool thing about doing it this way is that all your remotes can be 
identical, with a different "room" assigned to a "device". That way, you 
just push Main and the name of the room you're in to start using the 
remote. Another cool thing is that, since the server gets access to all 
of the IR data, you can use it to react to any keypress, and do things 
like send a WOL packet to the frontend when the user presses the Power 
On button.

There are a few tricks to doing all of this, though. I've been meaning 
to write a wiki page, but have yet to get around to it. (New house + new 
baby = 0 free time.)

Dan Wilga                                                        "Ook."

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