[mythtv-users] Tuning HD with ZOTAC IONITX-C-U RT.

P.J. Trudell pjtrudell at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 7 16:03:51 UTC 2010

Thanks everyone for helping me get my HD-PVR working.

Now that it seems to be working can someone point me in the right direction for tuning my frontend and backend for playing and recording the HD video. 

I have a ZOTAC IONITX-C-U RT motherboard running on 2 1G sticks of memour and a 8G thumb drive.  Very quite because there is no fans or noise.  It seems to play HD well using the VDPAU normal and slim but it has audio sync issues at high.  Is anyone having good success with their settings and would like to share.

On a maybe related note, I notice that the Backend is using just about all of its memory while streaming HD and the front end is also using just about all of the 1.5G (500 mb of the ram is used for video) while playing HD.  Although the backend seems to be using about 2/3 of its memory when only the backend (no tuners being used)  is running (it is headless but is running GDM Gnome) and the frontend is using 1.3 of its 1.5 available with just the frontend running (also using GNOME not XFC).  Both readings are using top.

It seems like ubuntu is burning up quite a bit of memory.  Why?

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