[mythtv-users] git & wiki

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 7 13:24:32 UTC 2010

On 2010-12-07 14:13, Craig Treleaven wrote:
> C'mon, you two, play nice!  Udo, there have been lots of postings recently about GIT:

I just checked the wiki, the main source of info.
I wrote about the wiki and git thing in the subject to make that clear.
A few lines, like the commands that I posted (if they are correct),
would have helped.

> http://www.mythtv.org/

Too general.

> The questions you asked are specifically answered at the link J-Y provided.

I don't think so.

> Finally, I think it is clear to everyone but yourself that you have made such a pain in the ass

You take stuff up too personal.
If you think that my remarks are a pain in the ass you do not get exact
meaning of terms like 'leak-free', 'userfriendly', 'complete info', etc.

I was just asking and I get answers to other questions.
You please read again, have a night of sleep and then say again what
part was bothering you so much and why.

Thanks for your time.


PS: tomorrow I will install the valgrind/profile build of svn 27420 and
try the valgrind runs.

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