[mythtv-users] Missing themes missing after upgrade .23 to .24

Zooka mythtv at fitzy.org
Tue Dec 7 10:03:56 UTC 2010

On 07/12/10 13:47, Michelle Dupuis wrote:
> Thanks.  I had a custom menu, which didn't catch this new option.  I restored part of the original menu and can see it again.
> Possibly related, is there a way to increase the font size of the menu?  I went to the APPEARANCE menu but don't see anything about font size.

No prob.  I use a custom menu too, and whenever I do an upgrade I do a 
quick scan of the default menu to see if there's something I might have 

Font size is now up to the themer's discretion.  If you want a larger 
font size, you have to edit the theme, namely menu-ui.xml or base.xml in 
the theme directory.  Which theme are you using?


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