[mythtv-users] Options for Backing up Myth data

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Dec 6 19:45:47 UTC 2010

On Monday, December 06, 2010 12:39:04 pm Another Sillyname wrote:

> A dollar or two?  If you can source BR Media for a dollar or two
> congrats, in the UK I still have never found media for less the 6
> for a 25gb Disk (and I gave up even looking a while back now). 

You're right, it's more like $4 now (in the US), and that's for a 25GB 
single-layer disk. 

But prices will drop, I'm sure, I recall paying over $2 each for blank 
(1X) CD-Rs.

> By
> far and away the most cost effective way to back up your data is buy
> a 1TB plus hard drive and dump the data onto it.  I run a Raid6
> setup and realised a long time back there are few, if any, effective
> backup strategies that work once you start to look into the multi TB
> storage range notwithstanding the storage issues it physically takes
> more then 24hours to back up all my library.
> I do backup chunks every month or so and keep the other drives
> offsite so I'll never have a totally destructive failure, however a
> day to day strategy would frankly just work out either too expensive
> or too labour intensive to be practicable.  RAID6 with a hot spare
> minimises the risk factors and that's sufficient for me.

So you've concluded that hard drives are the best answer today, and even 
they are certainly nor perfect.

Seems like there ought to be a better answer, given how many people have 
a need.

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