[mythtv-users] 2 TB Hard Drive Recommendations

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 16:39:34 UTC 2010

Just a quick plug in here with all the backup discussion. I know it's
been said that consumer optical is not a real backup, but if it's all
you got... Also, I cross backup photos between computers using
BackupPC. It may not be bullet proof but a multi tiered approach can
be effective.

I'm co-maintainer of a small project discspan[1]. It still needs some
features added but it is very functional. You run the script either
interactively or with command line options and it will take a
directory and all of it's subdirectories and archive them to disc. It
does not compress them intentionally so all files are individually
accessible after they're burned.


[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/discspan/

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