[mythtv-users] XvMC and libmpeg2 to be dropped in 0.25

Eloy Paris peloy at chapus.net
Mon Dec 6 16:01:12 UTC 2010

On Sun, Dec 05, 2010 at 10:26:09PM -0500, Raymond Wagner wrote:


> >>>Newegg has a NVIDA 8400-based PCI card for less than $40. That's
> >>>what I am thinking of buying. The only problem I see with this card
> >>>is that it has 256 MBytes of RAM. Would this amount of RAM be a
> >>>deal breaker and it'd be better to go with another card that has
> >>>512 MBytes of RAM?


> >>Your original $400 quote is really a bit excessive, especially for a lowly
> >>Atom.  You can build a full system with plenty of CPU power for any software
> >>decoding needs for around $300.  If you have an existing system you can
> >>scavage, you can manage one for less than $200.  I put together an upgrade
> >>almost two years ago for $160 (AMD dual-core, nVidia micro-atx, 2GB), that
> >>is still plenty capable of handling anything I've thrown at it.
> >This is fine for those of you in the US.
> >
> >1. You can get a revo for US$200. (albeit a refurb 1600)
> >
> >2. US$200 is NZ$248 according to my bank, right now.
> >
> >3. the cheapest revo i can find in NZ here right now is a 3610 for $758.
> >
> >I know thats not quite apples with apples as they are different
> >version, but the prices here are off the richter scale.
> >
> >Same goes for most IT gear, anything you can buy for US$X will be
> >NZ$3X, particularly small, quiet, efficient - this just seems to be a
> >reason to rort the average kiwi even more!
> >
> >Not your fault I know, but very annoying when I see this sort of
> >discussion and people saying how cheap an upgrade is!
> Fair enough, but in this case, his email server maps back to a cable
> internet account in North Carolina.  Plus, he referenced Newegg
> himself... :P

Well, I mentioned that I saw a VDPAU-capable card in newegg for less
that $40 (I think it was $35). I'm still scratching my head regarding
the Revo comments. Perhaps the original $400 comment (if there ever was
one) about some Atom-powered machine was made by someone else? Or my $40
comment on a video card ended up being interpreted as a $400 comment on
an actual machine? :-)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Now I know I should be shooting for a
512 MByte VDPAU capable card, and have some good insight into a new
machine, if I decide to go that route ;-)


Eloy Paris.-

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