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First, explain how you plan to use mythtv. Most people set it up on a
desktop with tuner bcards and storage in it.

This desktop acts as a server (master backend) and is running nearly 24x7

Each tv is connected to a pc. The pc acts as the set top box (frontend /user
interface) and plays content from the server.

For instance i have a server with 4tb of storage and 5 tuner cards. This
server runs the tv in the lounge (i have a convenient sound proof cupboard
for it to be in). And i have 2 remote frontends for tv and music playback.

For linux be careful what you buy, we mostly recommend recent low-cost
nvidia graphics cards for systems running the frontend software.

For tuners check what your location needs and makesure they are supported.

Peppermint os is an ubuntu derivative, so check the ubuntu wiki and mythtv
wiki for installation instructions. And be prepared to write good emails
explaining what you have and what you are trying to achieve... do the leg
work... google is your friend.


Please excuse brevity and pistakes, this email was sent from my Android
smart phone.

Thanks and best regards,

Richard Morton
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