[mythtv-users] Problem: DVB subtitles not showing

yoav at mindless.com yoav at mindless.com
Mon Dec 6 11:18:38 UTC 2010

I placed a 10MByte clip (violently chopped from the original using dd) under http://filebin.ca/yhfott/2004_20101205131605.mpg
I verified (using VLC) that the subtitles are there.





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On 6 December 2010 17:15,  <yoav at mindless.com> wrote:

> I am running mythtv-0.24 and watching channels coming from DVB-S source

> (Yes/ Amos 4W). The channels playback OK, however I cannot see the subtitles

> in any of the channels I watch.


> I can see the subtitles with other players (i.e. VLC) when I play the stream

> recorded by Myth. Also I can see in the log that Myth correctly identifies

> the available subtitles streams, however as said I can get nothing to

> display on the OSD.


> I tried switching subtitles channel (both from the menu and by pressing

> 't'), changing the OSD font to a hebrew one, playing with the OSD encoding,

> but nothing helps.


> Attached is a log of a run opening a recorded stream, selecting the arabic

> subtitles, switching to the hebrew one, and switching it off and back on.

Can you upload a small clip, say around 30 seconds, to http://filebin.ca

DVB subtitles are decoded as bitmaps and hence the subtitle font is

not relevant.

thanks and regards



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