[mythtv-users] channels/DVB card go missing

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Mon Dec 6 02:31:50 UTC 2010

> But that doesn't tell you whether they were fully started before
> mythbackend started. If they are not then you need to restart
> mythbackend, the backend will not deal with cards that were not fully
> initialised and running before mythbackend started.

You might have something there because I think this last time, I let it sit while away for dinner before I started it up to watch TV and see what would happen. I'll put the other card back into the mix, restart the server, wait a while and see what happens.
> when the card goes awol, is the /dev/dvb/adaptor* entry still there?

Yes, both are still listed, but with the error




> Is there any indication of a driver crash in dmesg? or any other of
> the system logs?

Only what I posted of the log snip. Unless there's another log I should be looking at, I didn't notice anything off hand.

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