[mythtv-users] Backend crash. Do I have too few hard drives?

tortise tortise at paradise.net.nz
Sun Dec 5 19:31:53 UTC 2010

On 6/12/2010 5:51 a.m., Paul Gardiner wrote:
> On 04/12/2010 11:30, Mike Perkins wrote:
>> Paul Gardiner wrote:
>>> I've been running MythTv for several years with no real problems.
>>> Particularly the backend has been very reliable. Recently I added
>>> a Nova S2-HD card to the backend so that I could pick up Freesat.
>>> I also added a second HDD, so that I have one for system and one
>>> for recordings. I paritioned the recordings disc into two partitions.
>>> Can't remember why I did that. Perhaps that's making things worse.
>>> Anyway, since the addition, the backend has been on occasion
>>> unreliable. Tonight
>>> was an example. I had one HD recording on the go, which I was
>>> simultaneously watching. That was fine, until two SD recordings started
>>> up. That caused the backend to die. I had an empty log file, which
>>> happens sometimes. I'll try to get more information next time
>>> it happens.
>>> Could this be lack of HDD bandwidth?
>>> Oh yeah, since the addition, I've upgraded from 0.23.1 to 0.24.
>>> That seemed to make the backend more reliable, until tonights
>>> crash. A week ago, I rebuilt the backend from the then latest
>>> 0.24 fixes, so I'm pretty much up to date.
>> Not sure about your crashes, but I doubt that splitting your hard disk
>> into two partitions is going to help.
> I've just copied all my recordings to a different 1T drive, this time
> with a single partition. I'm not too hopeful about this helping, but
> I guess I'm best off not doing anything that is unusual amongst
> MythTv users.
> Cheers,
> Paul.
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Have you run memtest on your RAM?  I had/have a similar problem develop 
and found one SIMM had an error after 15 mins.

Following replacement, crashes are now less frequent however still occur 
on mythtvbackend, but they also seem to auto recover as I've not found 
any recordings interrupted.

I have wondered if faulty RAM corrupted or altered a file(s) and whether 
I should re-install myth, I'm currently running 23.1.

I also doubt that its a too many recodirngs at once write to drive 
issue, I can record over 5 HD recordings simultaneously on a 5900 rpm 
class drive without apparent issue.  (Separate OS drive)  I'd look 
elsewhere.  Also apport might be helpful.

Do let us know what you find.

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