[mythtv-users] Couple of questions about version 0.24

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Sat Dec 4 21:20:45 UTC 2010

Hello there,

I'm new to this mailing list but i am using mythtv for a long time now. Last night i upgraded my box to the latest version 0.24 and i love the changes in there(thx markk for fixing ticket 8061 it works great!!). But i have some question about a change that is made and was wondering if this is a bug or it was intended.

Question is as followed. If i start watching tv again after i quit it, it starts on the channel i was watching last is this right? And if so could this be overwritten so it starts at channel one when you re-enter live-tv?
Second question. If i'm going throught the channels (up/down) to see what is on other channels on the short epg(the channel watcher in the bottom) and i leave that without changing channel the epg and live tv isn't in sync anymore. It will start the epg where i exit it and not on the channel that i am watching. The problem that is happening is that if i'm on channel 5 watching and i go through the epg to channel 33 just to see if something is on and i exit this.. the next time i come into the epg to switch channel to 3 or so i need to browse all the way down from 33 to 3. Also if i'm not using page-up/down but use the numeric buttons say like channel 9.. the epg stays on the last channel i selected with the ok button.

Thanks for the help/reply in advance.

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