[mythtv-users] Flash, VDPAU, MythNetVision and You

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Dec 4 17:57:22 UTC 2010

  On 12/04/2010 09:11 AM, George Galt wrote:
> Thanks for the very detailed and interesting explanation.  I assume
> from what you said above, that those of us on 64-bit systems might do
> well to just wait for the content authors to take advantage of the
> hardware acceleration that already exists in Flash and not jump
> through the hoops needed to get 32-bit flash/VDPAU running.  Is this
> correct (assuming the 64-bit Flash player does OpenGL)?

Assuming you have good OpenGL (and, any good mythfrontend system 
should), then, that's my understanding.

Note, though, that OpenGL (and, TTBOMK, VDPAU) isn't guaranteed to 
actually reduce CPU usage--as described in the posts I linked, and as 
mentioned by Andre in this thread.

And, as Andre also mentioned, the marketing types really seem to like 
the complex UIs full of graphic elements--the kinds of things that, 
TTBOMK, you can't do once you enable the hardware-accelerated video 
playback.  So, it's quite possible that sites may not enable the 
acceleration--after all, Windows users don't generally see problems.

Also, I am not a Flash guy--so I may be way off.


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