[mythtv-users] HD-PVR failure

Jeff Artz jeffa.myth at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 21:59:42 UTC 2010

On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 2:44 PM, Kevin Ross <kevin at familyross.net> wrote:

>  On 12/03/2010 11:36 AM, James Orr wrote:
>> All of a sudden (after 6 months of no problems), I'm getting recording
>> failures on my HD-PVR
>  8<

>> After I switch the HD-PVR off then back on, it starts working again.  This
>> has happened twice in the past week, with no problems in the past 6 months.
>>  I have not done any recent upgrades or changes to the system.  I am using
>> the RCA audio inputs as the digital was causing problems before.
> Congratulations on going 6 months between reboots of your HD-PVR!  I need
> to reboot mine for the same reason probably once a month.

  I have two HD-PVRs, and they seem to 'lock up' about once a month or so.
(I had to reset them both last-night as a matter of fact!)
  If it gets to be too much of a nuisance, I may cobble together a script to
power-cycle them via an X10 module - either when they're idle (as a
preventative measure), or when the 'recoder error' is detected.

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