[mythtv-users] Remote Control via (TV) IR => HDMI => Mythtv

tortise tortise at paradise.net.nz
Fri Dec 3 19:45:00 UTC 2010

I just tried my new Panasonic Plasma with an HDMI connection to my Sony 
Video Camera. (Both 1080p)  While not expecting it to work I tried using 
the Pana. IR remote to control the Sony cam, much to my surprise and 
delight it worked, via HDMI.

As its early during a sunny day here I have realised that the same 
technical channel for remote connection to mythtv is likely to also be 
possible, so that the TV remote would control mythtv when the mythtv 
HDMI source is selected.

Searching the archives I find stuff about getting an audio route over 
HDMI, but nothing about full remote control over HDMI.  Can anyone 
comment on this?

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