[mythtv-users] MacOS X: Building MythNetVision

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Fri Dec 3 13:39:32 UTC 2010


I can't seem to get MythNetvision plugin to build under MacOS X?!? 
Following are some extracts from osx-packager.pl.

Office-Mini-2:~ myth24$ osx-packager.pl -themeskip -plugins 
mythnetvision -m32 -svnbranch release-0-24-fixes
Checked out revision 27420.
Checked out revision 27420.
Checked out revision 27420.
./configure: line 3938: pkg-config: command not found
# Basic Settings
Compile type              release
# Bindings
bindings_perl             yes
bindings_python           yes
/usr/bin/make -C bindings/python install
python setup.py install --skip-build 
running install
running install_lib
copying build/lib/MythTV/static.py -> 
to static.pyc
running install_scripts
changing mode of /Users/myth24/.osx-packager/build/bin/mythpython to 755
changing mode of /Users/myth24/.osx-packager/build/bin/mythwikiscripts to 755
running install_data
running install_egg_info
MythNetvision requires the MythTV Python bindings (MythTV)
Disabling MythNetvision due to missing dependencies.

As I read it, I've managed to install all the dependencies that were 
missing for the Python (and Perl) bindings and the bindings are built 
and installed.  (I had to install MySQLdb and lxml for Python.)  In 
addition, MythNetvision requires OAuth and PyCurl and both of those 
are installed now.  The latter was a real pain.

Can someone explain how to get MythNetvision to recognize that the 
Python bindings are, in fact, out there?

While I'm at it, the build complains that pkg-config is not found. 
I've built and installed it (and yasm) with Macports and it is on my 

Office-Mini-2:~ myth24$ which pkg-config

The build says it can't find either pk-config or yasm.  Suggestions?


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