[mythtv-users] Hard disk performance

Craig Van Tassle craig at codestorm.org
Thu Dec 2 20:18:59 UTC 2010

Comments in line.

> Hello list! I just buy a 2TB hard disk. I actually have a 160GB drive
> with EXT3 and it works great.
> I read this wiki page:
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Optimizing_Performance#Local_File_Systems
> It looks interesting on how to performance file system. I want to use
> the 2TB disk to record all TV recordings and to store all music
> (120GB) and videos (70GB) to play on MythTV.
> I normally use to format on EXT3, but the wiki recommends to format on
> XFS. The idea is to use the 160GB to boot drive and download p2p
> media, and the 2TB drive to store all media and recording.
> I have some questions:
> 1. Is it a good idea to store music, videos and recording on one XFS
> partition? Different partition for different media?

You can store them all on the same parition on under different
directories.. But you run a risk of running out of space for all 3 at the
same time.

> 2. Which is the best way to format XFS on Debian?

Man pages are your friends :D

> 3. Is a good idea to use hdparm with XFS? I use hdparm to power down disk.

I have not used hdparm with XFS, but like any other files system you are
just spinning the drive down to save power. I dont think there is much of
an issue with it.

> I appreciate any help and suggestions.
> Thanks and regards.
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> Josu Lazkano
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Also with ext3, you will start to see slower access and read times as your
files get larger and your drive fills up. I found that with my Raid array,
and other systems using the same size of drives.

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