[mythtv-users] mythweb not working .. modules_path ?]

Brock Haywood BHaywood at BCLC.com
Thu Dec 2 19:05:55 UTC 2010

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>Bill Meek kirjoitti:
>> On Wed, 2010-12-01 at 20:43 +0200, Ismo Tanskanen wrote:
>> ...
>> Hi;
>> Bad news: everything you posted looked reasonable to me,
>> except for the permissions were too open. I also don't
>> believe you need the symbolic link modules_path. I don't
>> have one (it should be harmless though.)
>> You also have much more configured than I do (nothing
>> wrong that I know of, just different.)
>> I do have a configuration file that you don't and there's
>> a copy of it at:
>>  http://mythtv.pastebin.com/S1QGDEXv
>> If that file is deleted, apache doesn't work for me. The
>> file will be there for 1  month.
>> The fact that modules_path and skin_url don't seem to be
>> working remains of concern.
>> I tried this test and it works. Would you please do it too?
>> Under: /srv/www/htdocs make a file named define.php and
>> in it put:
>> PHP define() test should be the only thing that prints next<br>
>> <?php   
>>     define('DEFTEST', 'PHP define() test');
>>     echo(DEFTEST);
>> ?>
>> Then go to that page http://ipaddres/define.php. Just to be
>> safe, restart apache 1st.
>> Is there anything in /var/log/apache2/error.log?
>> Good luck,
>> Bill Meek
>Thanks for your help. It appears that I had lines wrongly as Jonatan
>said. Also modules_path symlink was needed.
>Now it works excluding streaming from mythweb, but this is another
>I think..

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If you remove that symlink does it stop working now that you have the
apache config correct? Because that symlink should not be required.  It
just so happens that having it there is masking, IMHO, a bug.  I would
say that if you remove the symlink and the page doesn't work again then
you still have some configuration problems.


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