[mythtv-users] Transcoding SD MPEG2 to H.264---recommendations?

D. R. Newman d.r.newman at e-consultation.org
Thu Dec 2 10:26:13 UTC 2010

On 02/12/10 10:14, Mike Perkins wrote:
> D. R. Newman wrote:
>> 3. If there are multiple files, that means the programme has been split
>> into segments with different aspect ratios. From UK TV, that means the
>> advertisements are now separated from the programme material. So I
>> delete alternate files, then cat the remaining ones together.
> Heh. Suppose that successive adverts in the same break have different
> aspect ratios...
> I do hope you check each of these segments to ensure you're not
> discarding the wrong parts? :)

The rules I use are:

0. IF there is only one segment THEN use it

1. IF the odd numbered segments are smaller than the even segments
THEN delete the odd segments.

2. IF the even numbered segments are smaller than the odd segments
THEN delete the odd segments.

3. IF 1 and 2 are false THEN only delete small segments.

I played around a bit with different interpretations of "all/most
smaller than" before I came up with code that normally works on UK TV.
If you are in a country with longer ad breaks, then it won't work.

There may still be some adverts included, so I still have to remove them
in Avidemux if I want to further process the programme.

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