[mythtv-users] Mythweb fails after upgrade. (ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10)

Oz Dror odror7 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 05:02:58 UTC 2010

I have reduced the number of channels to 591
I have increase the memory limit in php to 256M

it did not solve the problem

I even added limit 0,20 to the query it still did not solve the problem

Somehow these line from  ./modules/tv/channel.php fail

            $sh = $db->query($sql);
            $channel_list = array();
            while ($chanid = $sh->fetch_col())
                $channel_list[] = $chanid;
            Cache::set('[channelList]', $channel_list);
        return $channel_list;

$db should be a non-null list

but the return value  $channel_list is null


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