[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun PRIME

Preston Crow pc-mythtv08a at crowcastle.net
Wed Dec 1 18:51:49 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-12-01 at 13:37 -0500, Eric Sharkey wrote:
> What I'm hoping is that the HDHR Prime will be able to communicate
> this better to the backend.  Right now, if a firewire tuner attempts
> to record a channel that is encrypted in this way, it shows up as
> successfully recorded in Watch Recordings but there's nothing actually
> there and no indication of this until you try to watch it.  A killer
> feature would be the ability to ask the Prime "Can you send us this
> program?" and get a yes/no answer and reschedule on another tuner if
> the answer is no and for the backend to do all of this in real time.

While I realize that the flag may change, even on a per-show basis,
normally the flag will be consistent for a given channel, so the backend
could check with the Prime when scheduling and flag a warning that would
show up much like a conflict in the upcoming recordings screen.  It
could also automatically reduce the priority of such recordings, so that
if the same show is available on another input or channel, it will pick
that up instead.

Or simply have an option to remove channels from a source if the Prime
says that they're not available to Myth in the setup.  (This is probably
more realistic.)

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