[mythtv-users] Recording suddenly broke, WAF < 0

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Dec 1 17:08:13 UTC 2010

  On 12/01/2010 07:18 AM, dargllun wrote:
> On 01.12.2010 12:31, Fredrik Hallgarde wrote:
>> I have the same card and have had to power cycle the card when it,
>> without identifiable reason, have lost the ability to record after 6+
>> months of no issues. I would suggest that you power off the backend and
>> leave it off enough time for the card to completely reset (1 minute?); I
>> believe there is a firmware loaded at some point which we want to ensure
>> is reloaded completely.
> As I said, the card must be working: live tv works fine! It's only 
> recording that is not functioning.

If it turns out to be something other than a broken/full file system or 
corrupt DB:


And, yes, you can have broken input connections configuration and 
everything may work for a while, but eventually, things will just stop 
working.  This typically occurs when you configure a capture card and 
fail to connect any inputs on it, or you configure a video source that's 
not connected to any inputs.  (I.e. only configure in MythTV those 
things MythTV can actually use--and configure them fully.  And if you 
ever want to disable the use of a capture card, you must completely 
delete that card--and if it was the only user of a video source, delete 
that video source.)

The above approach will clean up all of the brokenness in that 
situation.  Then, if you reconfigure properly, things will work.  It's 
critical you use the "Delete all" buttons to properly clean up 
everything, though.


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