[mythtv-users] Sluggish Video

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Wed Dec 1 06:01:09 UTC 2010

> The log file shows an input stream of 720x576 @ 25 FPS (probably 50 Hz
> interlaced).  Is this a PAL source?  I remember from previous emails
> you're in the US.

The two sources are the 1600 ATSC card and a W5 satellite receiver on that same cars analog input. 
Both sources are NTSC US.

I also noticed
2010-11-30 22:56:29.532 Trying to match best refresh rate 25.000Hz
in the log amongst other interesting things. 

The setup is that the fx 5200 has it's video output connected into a scan converter which in turn outputs standard NTSC. 
I just checked that to make sure nothing weird is going on there and doesn't appear to be. I think tomorrow I'll try and get the S-Video port working (unless it already is) and see if connecting that to TV helps. I doubt it as I've used these Extron scan converters for many years but who knows, maybe it's forcing myth to set up some modes based on being connected to that.

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