[mythtv-users] IPTV via Microsoft Mediaroom (Sasktel Max)

richard Woelk richardwoelk at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 03:45:04 UTC 2010

  On 11/28/2010 3:37 PM, Robert Johnston wrote:
> On 28/11/2010 1:15 PM, Greg Mitchell wrote:
>> Robert Johnston wrote:
>>> I have heard that several people in Saskatoon have already been
>>> upgraded, and ISTR that at least one person on here is in S'toon on
>>> Max, so IF he's been upgraded, and IF he has Myth working on New Max,
>>> and IF he's still on this list, perhaps he can let us know how things
>>> are working (or not) on the new system.
>> A friend of mine set up Myth with Max at his mom's place. She got the
>> upgrade a few weeks ago, but he hasn't been able to get me IPs etc for
>> the new servers. For what it's worth, the old server infrastructure is
>> still in place, and Myth continued to work without change.
> It's good to know the old system is still there for now. I will be purposefully holding 
> back one of the three boxes I have to ensure it doesn't upgrade. Then, hopefully, I'll 
> be able to get something working in the meantime.
>> I suspect that they'll be turning off the old servers some time in the
>> new year though.
> More than likely, probably after then end of the rollout.
>> At least we'll have a chance to see what's possible without a 12 hour
>> time crunch though.
> That is immensely helpful.
>> If I get the upgrade package, I'll let you know what I find out (and
>> hopefully you'll do the same)
> I already have the "Upgrade pack" (I can take images/scan it if you like, but you'll 
> probably be getting it soon, and there's nothing really groundbreaking in it). Got to 
> say, the backlit new remotes are very nice, though only having 3 devices to be able to 
> program (Rather than 4 on the old remote) is a little bit of a bind, but I still have 
> enough to control my TV, Amplifier, and XBox (Frontend, running XBMC). And you can 
> redirect the volume control from the "TV" preset to the "Aux" preset. Of course, I will 
> make sure I document every step I take (And will probably be discussing it on-list too), 
> just as I did with "Old Max".
> Apparently, if one of your boxes misses the upgrade, you can plug it in post-upgrade, 
> and it will be upgraded some time between 2am and 6am the following day. Chances are 
> they will keep rolling those upgrades out overnight until the deployment is complete, too.
> Here's hoping everything goes smoothly, and New Max is as easily tunable as Old Max.

I am in Saskatoon running mythtv with Max using an HDPVR1212. I have not had the upgrade 
at home, but the shop I work at had the demo system upgraded. I find the menu pretty nice 
but a lot slower. I am not concerned about the remote because I have a harmony that I use, 
you also get to keep your old remote if you want to keep using it to control other 
devices. I was not been able to get IPTV working with the max here, but I didn't spend a 
lot of time on it. I know it would be a better quality version without the analog capture. 
I await the detailed procedure after your system gets upgraded.

- Richard

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