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Thu Aug 5 16:39:05 UTC 2010

partition and /media/Store is the path to the location so your comment
thought welcome is not fully understood.  Where do you suggest they should
be mounted?

Many Thanks


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It seems clear that the basic problem here was that the OP became frustrated
because he wasn't fully au fait with the way permissions work in his system,
and the error messages he received from Myth didn't alert him to this as a
likely problem.  It sounds as if mythtv-setup will be modified to make it
more friendly and maybe wiki entries will eventually be updated to be both
friendly and correct.

But he also reported an unhelpful response from  'sudo chown' and, later,
that the apparently successful changes he had made had been spontaneously

> I typed the following in the terminal " sudo chown -R mythtv:mythtv 
> /media/Store/Recordings"
> And I got the following error - Missing operand after mythtv 
> /media/Store/Recordings

I haven't used sudo, but its man page clearly isn't designed for the
newbie: is the response above to be expected given the likely default
settings for sudo?  I imagine that su would have worked?

And is the non-stick behaviour likely to be linked to this comment from

>    /media seems like an odd place be putting your files.
>    This is generally where Ubuntu mounts removable media.

John P

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