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Thu Aug 5 16:39:05 UTC 2010

Core i3 laptops start at about $600. Any of these should be powerful
enough to do CPU decoding. Maybe someday in the future VA-API hardware
acceleration may be supported under Linux.

3. Any laptop with GT 220M and Intel CPU > 2.0 GHz
Cost > $725
Screen size is 15" or greater
Battery life around 2-5 hours
The GT 220 will support Advanced 2X de-interlacing for VDPAU and high-def
content with longer battery life. The CPU will support everything else
thrown at it that cannot be decoded via VDPAU.

4. Wait until the nVidia Tegra 2 tablets are released
These should be able to run on Ubuntu, but it may take some time before
official support occurs. The majority will be released under Android OS.

Any comments?

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I am in the market for a Netbook/Tablet/Notebook for=20
multimedia only.  My goal is to run Boxee, Hulu, and MythTV on a=20
portable machine and then dock to a TV at home via HDMI.  Thanks to Adobe, =
Hulu and Boxee on Linux require a lot of CPU.=A0 After a discussion in the =
Mythbuntu forums, I thought I would open this discussion on the mailing lis=

<br><br>1. I was thinking about one of these, but have not been able to pul=
l up any results from Google.=A0 Any Opinions?<br>

<a href=3D"
2" target=3D"_blank">ASUS N61 Series N61Vg-A2 16&quot; Windows 7 Home Premi=
um NoteBook</a><br>I noticed the screen resolution is 1366 x 768.=A0 This s=
eems weird given the GT 220.=A0 Should this output 1080p via HDMI though?<b=
<br>2. Does anyone know what CPU is required for Advanced (2X) de-interlaci=
with Blu-Ray/1080P and H.264?  The Myth HD playback article on the wiki=20
does not seem to show this: <a href=3D"
ck_Reports" target=3D"_blank">
s</a><br><br><br>Here is my current summary of options:<br>

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