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Thu Aug 5 16:39:05 UTC 2010

ould work find for SD, even SD playback is fine on the ATOMs, with a non HD=
 Video card works also for SD.=A0 I think your only bottleneck would be if =
you did any transcoding.=A0 If you have nice amounts of space, skip any tra=
nscoding, or just do them slowly.<br>
<br><div class=3D"gmail_quote">On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 11:07 AM, Mark Knecht=
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adding-left: 1ex;">
 =A0 I&#39;m wondering if anyone has experience using an Intel Atom as a<br=
backend for standard definition only. Any problems?<br>
 =A0 I&#39;ve mostly shifted to DirercTV and just use their recorder for th=
house but I don&#39;t have access to that in my office. I was thinking<br>
about setting up Myth to use my HDHR which still gets local channels<br>
off the cable. It&#39;s only going to record a few shows a night, mostly<br=
Letterman, Ferguson and maybe 1 or 2 network shows. I&#39;ll use external<b=
USB storage for the video.<br>
 =A0 This machine will not be used as a frontend. Backend _only_.<br>
 =A0 I had an old PowerPC-based Mac Mini which worked fine but may have<br>
bot the dust so if I cannot get it working I wanted to buy something<br>
_really_ cheap. I suspect this will work and am just looking for<br>
anyone who knows differently.<br>
<font color=3D"#888888">Mark<br>
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