[mythtv-users] mythtv-status disk space reporting problems

David Kramer david at thekramers.net
Tue Aug 31 05:33:18 UTC 2010

I have mythtv-status 0.9.2-3 installed with mythtv-backend
0.23.0+fixes24158-0ubuntu2 installed on ubuntu 10.04.  When I run
mythtv-status, the bottom output says

Disk Space:
Total space for group 1 is 451.2 GB, with 31,636 MB used (7011.5%)

I'm reasonably certain 7000% of my disk is not being used up my MythTV,
and that I have a hell of a lot more thatn 451GB of storage, so there
seems to be several problems here.

Here's the relevant output on my mythweb/status page, which looks right:
Total Disk Space:
  Total Space: 2,105,072 MB
  Space Used: 392,850 MB
  Space Free: 1,712,221 MB
  Space Used by LiveTV: 0 MB
  Space Used by Deleted Recordings: 0 MB
  Space Used by Auto-expirable Recordings: 37,447 MB
Disk Usage Details:
MythTV Drive #1:
  Directory: janus:/data/mythtv/recordings
  Total Space: 461,998 MB
  Space Used: 31,636 MB
  Space Free: 430,361 MB
MythTV Drive #2:
  Directory: janus:/data2/mythtv/recordings
  Total Space: 704,175 MB
  Space Used: 81,645 MB
  Space Free: 622,529 MB
MythTV Drive #3:
  Directory: janus:/data3/mythtv/recordings
  Total Space: 938,898 MB
  Space Used: 279,568 MB
  Space Free: 659,330 MB

Normally I wouldn't complain about this, except the daily emails I get
say MULTIPLE WARNINGS or DISK SPACE, which is annoying.

Is something misconfigured on my system, or is there a bug?


P.S. In case you're wondering, the reason I have so much hard drive
space free it's because my .htaccess file got deleted in an upgrade, and
some hacker in Germany deleted all my recordings through MythWeb.  I had
about 650 recordings deleted, most unrecoverable.  He also deleted all
my recording rules, but it was easy to restore that from my database

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