[mythtv-users] Broadcom CrystalHD - again *I Know*

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 17:38:56 UTC 2010

So I have this foxconn ion based box.  It has worked fine for me other
than needing 4GB ram to enable 512MB for the gpu.  Just out of spite I
refuse to do this..  BUT - I do have several of the crystalHD cards (I
get technology spend happy every once in a while :)

I cannpt return it because of the return policy, and it is pretty much
useless since I already have a machine for each TV, so I am just
looking for ideas of how to best use it other than just wasting power.
 I see the support is coming along nicely, and I have also converted a
few friends to mythtv when they come see what the setup can do..

Any ideas?

My *only* gripe about ION thus far is de-interlacing..  If these cards
help, I will definitely slap them into the FEs and stop using the IONs
in them..  Other than that (they will already go into the Revos I have
deployed) - I am unsure of what benefit this device has over the
existing Revos (other than dual core) which seems to be un-needed in
this case..



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