[mythtv-users] Upnp, dlna, interval Upnp updates on multicast port 1900

Ole Rydahl ole_rydahl at qp12.dk
Sun Aug 29 22:13:38 UTC 2010

>   On 8/29/2010 15:24, Ole Rydahl wrote:
> > Now, in worst case - after power up of the TV-set - I have to wait
> for 30 minutes before the TV-set is finally informed of the MythTV
> backends presence by the Upnp multicast. Routers and Windows running
> Upnp/dlna seems to do an announcement (multicast) every 10 minutes. I
> would like to have my MythTV backend do it - say every 5 minutes.
> An announcement should be unnecessary.  UPnP renderers are supposed
> to
> query that address and port, and all matching devices respond to the
> render point with their relevant information.
[Ole Rydahl:] 
Thanks! You have got a point! I did the following test - setting up a
Windows media player on a xp-system and some dlna on top. Its services are
recognized immediately after power cycling the TV-set! 

Guess I'll have to power up Wireshark and record in detail why the behaviors

Oh dear - barking up two wrong trees during just one evening! ...

Thanks again!! 

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