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bhaskins bhaskins at chartermi.net
Sun Aug 29 14:11:00 UTC 2010

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Saturday, August 28, 2010 08:46:39 pm Raymond Wagner wrote:
>>   On 8/28/2010 21:42, bhaskins wrote:
>>> Yeechang Lee wrote:
>>>> Shawn Asmussen <shawn.asmussen at gmail.com> says:
>>>>> Actually, the new HDHR looks like it is going to have 3 tuners, so
>>>>> for your scenario it'd be three monthly STB rentals you could
>>>>> compare it against.
>>>> Interesting. I currently pay $22 a month to rent two cable boxes. I
>>>> don't know how much my cable company charges for an M-Card but my
>>>> understanding is that most only charge a few dollars a month.
>>> I have been renting a M-Card for over a year, using it in my own DCH3416.
>>> Today ( 08/28/2010 ), I received a letter from my cable company saying
>>> that as of 08/25/2010
>>> they will no longer allow this and I am to return this card to their
>>> office.
>>> Isn't it nice of them to give me a negative three days to
>>> watch/transfer the shows that
>>> I have recorded on this box?
>> I'm pretty sure that's illegal.  The WHOLE POINT of cablecard was so
>> that you could buy your own box and rent a cablecard to use it.  You
>> should check the actual FCC regulations and file a complaint.
> Also complain to your state's Public utilities commission (or equivalent), the franchising authority (usually your 
> municipality), your state's Attorney General, and of course every press and media outlet you can think of.
> This goes against everything I have ever heard about what CableCard was all about.
> If you need financial help in this fight there may be people here willing to help out (I certainly am).
> I'd also contact the Electronic Frontier Foundation, they might even provide legal assistance.
> I suspect the cable company might cave when faced with significant resistance.
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A few other points:
The timing of this is sorta funny as this is just before the start of 
the fall season.

The letter is printed in a very tiny font at a very low density just to 
make it easy to copy, right?

Tivo ( CableCard ) owners are exempt from this extortion.
I don't suppose that this is in any tied to that bunch of ???? patents 
that they were able to ??obtain?? a short while ago.

I promise that I'm just not going to roll over and play dead on this issue.

 I wish that there was a way to sort of have a sublist of this list so 
that we could keep the cable company rant going without adding to the noise.

Would it make any sense to have headings such as:
CCrant.... this type of stuff
Sbox.....    latest news on media players, streamers..
Rem...       remote control
ANtna..     Ota + antenna related stuff

These are some that I'm interested in .

The rest of this is from something that I was working on before Charter 
dropped their little bomb

Questions to ask that person that is claiming to really want your vote.

Have you made any effort to:

(1) Slow the takeover of small cable companies by the large cable 
companies in their continuing effort to make themselves "Too big to fail".

(2) Address the effort of these large cable companies to control both 
the production and distribution of content to the obvious determent of 
what little is left of free speech.

(3) Deter in any way the ongoing effort of these groups to eliminate 
any/all of the off-the-air (OTA) channels that were given as part of the 
digital changeover.

(4) Remind these companies that they were supposed to have enabled many 
of the features of their cable boxes that for some reason just don't 
seem to work.

I realize that these are very difficult to do given the enormous army of 
lobbyists that are pushing all of the above, but the little guy should 
count for something and not just at election time.


Please, anybody, feel free to add to this list.

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