[mythtv-users] scheduling conflict that should not be

David Engel david at istwok.net
Wed Aug 25 18:56:27 UTC 2010

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 01:14:02PM -0400, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> OK.  Fast forward to the next occurrence of this conflict, this coming
> Sunday evening...
> [ text is too big for the list, so I've stashed it at http://brian.interlinx.bc.ca/schedule.txt ]
> Note in particular that at "29 20:00-21:00" Big Brother:
> Big Brother                          77 WWNY    29 20:00-21:00  2 1 1  A 1 3
> Big Brother                           3 CIII    29 20:00-21:00  2 0 0  A E -2
> which is what is conflicting with "OGHNM (Manual Record)" is being
> recorded on "77 WWNY" is also showing on "3 CIII" and being flagged as
> being recorded "earlier" which really just means at the same time on
> another channel.
> These two showings are indeed the same episode in the database as they
> are both showing as episode EP003781390072 in mythweb.
> So why isn't the conflict being resolved by recording the "3 CIII"
> showing instead?

It won't move "Big Brother" to CITI because you haven't told Myth it's
OK to use lower priority showings to resolve conflicts.  

For some reason, you have your priorities such that "Big Brother" on
WWNY is higher priority than on CITI (5 > -2).  By default, Myth won't
switch to a lower priority showing to resolve a conflict.  So once
"Big Brother" is scheduled on WWNY, Myth won't move it to CITI.  You
really should understand the impact of using input, channel and some
other priorities before using them.  I'll let Mike Dean do the rest of
the admonishing on that, though.

Anyway, to have Myth move "Big Brother" to CITI to make room for OGHNM
you have three options.

1. Raise the priority of OGHNM so it's higher than "Big Brother" and gets
scheduled first.

2. Make the priority of "Big Brother" the same on WWNY as it is on CITI so
Myth knows they are equally desirable and can freely move recordings
between them to resolve conflicts.

3. Turn on the SchedMoveHigher option in the Recording Priorities setup
screen to tell Myth it's OK to use lower priority showings to resolve

David Engel
david at istwok.net

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