[mythtv-users] ANN: PlugMyth, a new MythTV distribution for Plug computers

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 18:28:17 UTC 2010

>> I chose not to consider externialities like tuners because those are
>> going to be there regardless of PC or Plug...
> Not necessarily.  All of mine are either PCI cards or USB tuners, all
> drawing power from the one PC.

Yes necessarily. A 5w tuner draws 5w from a PCI slot; a 5w tuner draws
5w from a Plug. Hence, a fixed cost for any MythTV installation.

This is getting pedantic. I think we've both made our points, is it
really necessary to debate minutiae?

> How much storage is on the 2.5" HDD?

500GB. (1TB drives are also available.)

> Every month or so we get a query here from someone who wants to put
> everything on one disk and the response is always the same: unless you have
> a small system and you don't record very much, it's not a good idea.

By definition a Plug is a small system that can't handle a lot of
recording, so I think we're going to be ok. ;) Still, there's nothing
to prevent you from putting multiple spindles on one Plug computer.

> How well does your system handle mythfilldatabase?

It runs while I'm sleeping so it hasn't been an issue so far. If I
remember, I'll run it manually later tonight to see what it does.

I have noticed it takes a while for a reschedule to run (i.e., if I
add an override to a recording rule, it takes a bit for the FE UI to
update and display the show's new priority). This might affect WAF.

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