[mythtv-users] ANN: PlugMyth, a new MythTV distribution for Plug computers

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Wed Aug 25 15:56:50 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-08-25 at 16:46 +0100, Simon Hobson wrote: 
> Firstly, does your master backend sleep well ?

Better than I do.  :-)  Seriously, yes.  Every computer around here that
I have configured to sleep sleeps well.  My BE is an ABit motherboard.
Fairly old I think too -- AGP and PCI only.

> How many people are 
> actually able to get that working reliably

Given my success here, I'd say a good number should be able to.

> or even try ?

Well, you gotta wanna save power (or reduce noise and or heat) to try,
but the OP's goal was the power savings of using a walwart so this is
another staw man argument.

> I could see the attraction of PlugMyth to host the master backend, 
> and perhaps record one stream from an HD HomeRun - and let any slave 
> BEs stay off most of the time.

There's no reason to not sleep the master BE too.

> Store your recordings on a NAS

Which is consuming power 100% of the time, but likely it's being used
elsewhere anyway, but if you don't have the need for network storage,
then you have to calculate the power cost of the NAS too.

> However, 2.5" HDs are quite low power - how else 
> would you run one from a USB port with only 2.5W (officially) of 
> power available.

I think the OP was using yet another drive (he advocated an esata to not
saturate the USB port) to store recordings, which he needs to add to his
10w of power draw for the walwart (only).

> You appear (to me) to be too ready to attack this project for being 
> "different".

Not at all.  In fact I think it's neat.  I just wanted to shine some
light on the false economy of "power savings" it claims.  It might still
wind up being a power saving (although I am skeptical), even with
leaving all of that equipment on 24x7, but until the peripherals are
accounted for, in addition to the walwart's 10W, we won't know, will we?
That's all I'm trying to point out.

> Yes, it may not be as brilliant as it might first 
> appear, but I can see a place for it.

I'm not arguing that at all.  Don't put words into my mouth please.


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