[mythtv-users] US Pay-TV loses subscribers for the first time ever

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Mon Aug 23 20:08:49 UTC 2010

> Couldn't this have something to do with the number of unemployed
> people that have realized that pay TV is not a necessity?

I believe that part of it is when you see the bigger picture. After getting peeved at DTV, we decided to look into it and ended up gathering up our bills. When we saw that we paid DTV some $12 THOUSAND dollars in only 10 years, we wondered what the hell we are doing. 
I mean, movies are not only crummy these days but they are all available for a buck at vending machines or a tiny monthly fee using NetFlix. Anything else we can get the 'season' disks without the insane amount of commercials involved in live TV.

Broadcasters have got us by the nuts, yet we keep on happily paying and not complaining enough about the ridiculous amounts of commercial vs programming.

Time for changes and I'm doing my part in trying to tell people about alternatives.

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