[mythtv-users] Is shutdown action of standalonefrontendcontrollable?

James Oltman cnlibmyth at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 15:25:11 UTC 2010

>  (pm-suspend is from the pm-utils package in Debian, upstream is
> http://pm-utils.freedesktop.org/).
> Kewl thanks Jason
> I did some research and testing and find that "pmi action suspend" works
> out of the box, I hadn't though of overwriting a command, an interesting
> idea.
> One "General" option presented is to "Show quit, reboot and shutdown".
>  Maybe I can find the file where the reboot command is specified, and edit /
> change this to become a standby command?
How do you wake the machine from suspend?  Keyboard?  Remote control?
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