[mythtv-users] Using trunk on different distros..

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 03:36:11 UTC 2010

I am presently re-configuring my mythtv architecture in the house.  I
am migrating my backend to centos, but need a mix of fedora and ubuntu
for my frontends..  I was always a big fan of gentoo due to the
flexibility, but quite honestly as I get older - I do not want to
spend hours _tweaking_ my OS anymore (and haven't for a couple of
years)..  Unfortunately, I think to get mythtv to play nice, I am
going to have to compile (no problem - it does not take too long)..

My question is if anyone has successfully made a static version..  I
do not see the option for configure, so it may not be possible.  All
of my systems are the same arch, but different distros like I said, so
a static build that I can move to them all would be easiest I think..
Well, ATrpms seems to support debian as well, so maybe I will play
with that.  Anyone with similar experience that has a working solution
would be appreciated..



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