[mythtv-users] Combined Atom FE/BE /w GT220 ?

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Thu Aug 19 11:39:25 UTC 2010

On 19/08/2010 12:29, Steve Anthony wrote:
> My primary system which is a Zotac ION board, the Audio gives me allot
> of issues.. It'll be working fine for weeks then all of a sudden the
> sound, using SPDIF output, to my receiver or even if I use the HDMI
> output, gets real choppy.  Not sure why that happens.

I too have audio problems with a Zotac ION board. It's mostly ok for TV,
but unusuable for music because of distortion. Tracks start off fine,
but as soon as any bass comes in, I can hear distortion from clipping.
I know it isn't elsewhere in my setup because the distortion is
independent of the volume setting on my AV Receiver, and is also present
if I connect the ION directly to the TV.

I've had a few problem with other boards, but I hoped that I'd be free
from problems with an ION board because it's one of the most commonly
used for MythTv.

I guess it could be a config problem, but I'm using Minimyth, so that's
all done for me.

And while on problems with ION boards, on the video side I get this:
Anyone else see this problem with the bottom line? I still haven't
managed to find out if anyone else has the same problem, so it could
be a faulty board.


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