[mythtv-users] Issues with 2 video cards on Slimline 2030n/Ubuntu 10.04

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 01:07:24 UTC 2010

>> Rumor is, current nvidia drivers support adjusting overscan.
> Since I have two screens, it seems that I should be able to run
> nvidia-settings on the LCD monitor (which works fine) and adjust the
> TV-0 overscan that way... But I was unable to find any sort of overscan
> adjustment in nvidia-settings when I was playing with this yesterday.

There is definitely an overscan setting (at least with 256.35.). It
may only appear if you run nvidia-settings on the TV? (I've never
hooked up a monitor to mine, strictly TV.) If your menu is off the
edge of the screen on the TV, find out what the keyboard shortcut is
to activate it -- perhaps Ctrl-Esc?

Anyway, there's a slider for "Overscan Compensation" under "GPU 0 -
(GeForce 8400 GS)" -> "TV-0 - (TV-0)". I found '50' to be a good
setting -- be aware the overscan will be different when displaying
lots of white vs when displaying lots of black, so it will never be
perfect unless you only display featureless gray images. ;)

After you get this set, you'll need to go into "nvidia-settings
Configuration" on the bottom of the left pane and "Save Current
Configuration" which will put am nvidia-settings-rc file in your home
directory; you will subsequently need to load this file on X startup
with an "nvidia-settings -l" command in your .xinitrc file prior to
your window manager being loaded.

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