[mythtv-users] Combined Atom FE/BE /w GT220 ?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Aug 18 16:34:12 UTC 2010

  On 8/18/2010 00:15, Robert Johnston wrote:
> As the Sheevaplug uses 3 watts, and you won't be doing any heavy 
> lifting (Commflagging/Transcoding), this will be a perfect backend, 
> and so small the SO will probably miss it.

No.  It would be an awful backend.  That system has very little 
processing power, no floating point capability, very little memory, and 
very little opportunity for expansion.  You have this tiny backend, but 
it requires you to have all manner of hubs, hard drives, and tuners 
chained off of it.  That's just ugly if nothing else.  Database access 
will be slow.  The scheduler runs will be slow.  The guide downloader 
will be slow.  As you mention, commflagging and transcoding will be 

It's all a big hassle and painful MythTV experience for what might be 
$20/yr in power savings over a low power desktop  (with a real Athlon or 
Core processor).

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