[mythtv-users] Issues with 2 video cards on Slimline 2030n/Ubuntu 10.04

Jessica Perry Hekman jphekman at arborius.net
Mon Aug 16 11:16:34 UTC 2010

It works! Thank you Yan and Tortise! Details below:

On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 02:17:20PM +1200, Tortise wrote:

> As per Yan do the BIOS thing.

Checked the BIOS just now. It lists three primary video options: PCI, 
PCI-E, and onboard. "PCI" was selected. I changed to "PCI-E." Rebooted, 
but found myself still in low graphics mode (no xorg changes yet at that 

> Then you'll need to get /etc/X11/xorg.conf working to overcome the
> error you are getting.  Its not loading because xorg.conf is not
> correct - or even existing at this stage?  Write a simple default if
> its not there.  I append a starter that will probably work.

I need to be less of a girl about xorg.conf hacking... I looked at your 
example, realized the Device and Monitors sections were the important 
ones. Opened my xorg.conf, saw that the old onboard card was still 
listed in those. Edited to refer to new card's name & PCI slot. 
Restarted X. Success and much joy!

> Start with just the VGA screen attached, get that working, then add
> the TV.  Did you also get the interconnection cable accessory? If so
> composite is simpler to work with than S-Video.  (That means the
> cable between the TV and the interconnection accessory)

I didn't get the cable -- I will give s-video a quick shot and then get 
the cable if that doesn't work.

> I was not aware there was a AGP video card in your system?  If there 
> is, why can it not be removed?

Sorry, I was probably using the wrong terminology there. There is an 
onboard card on my system.

> Note one needs to take care describing things here to avoid
> confusing people trying to help.  The new card you have is or should
> be PCI-E 16 - and not PCI.  (There are true PCI equivalents of what
> you have, they cost more, use the PCI slot, and also would likely
> work fine for what you want!)

OK, noted, thanks. Also, I don't know if the change I made to the BIOS 
was right, here, based on your assertion that it's a PCI-E card. The 
bios did seem to have detected the new card in that it had chosen "PCI" 
and not "onboard". Perhaps I should have left it as "PCI" and not 
changed it to "PCI-E". But it does work. I can test changing it back to 
"PCI" later.

Off to a full day of lecture (joy) but this evening I will see if I can 
get s-video working.

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.


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