[mythtv-users] mythepisode - mythweb unofficial addon

Chad Oppliger chadopp at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 18:22:34 UTC 2010

> Nice feature addition, thanks.
> Sadly my myth database seems to think it hasn't recorded a lot of episodes that in fact it has, well at least I now know why it keeps recording the same CSI episodes over and over again!
> One small comment, would be much nicer to use if the initial TV Episodes page was some sort of summary page with the A-Z links rather than dropping straight into a page that takes a couple of minutes to render, longer than the php timeout for most people it seems.
> Great stuff.
> Andre

That's interesting that it takes that long.  It takes about 10 seconds
to display all shows on my system and about 5 seconds for current
shows.  And I don't like that.  I think it may have something to do
with the size of your oldrecorded table.  Mine only has about 120
recordings because I rebuilt my system.  When I display the main page
I check to see if you have previously recorded a show and if so make
it green on the main page.  I think if you have a huge DB that process
takes a long time.  If you go add the following it might speed things
up, but will not show the recorded shows in green on the main page.

add:  $getrecorded = 0;  If you want the shows to show up in green
change it to 1.

change: if (in_array_cin("$data[1]", $recordedshow)) {
to:  if (($getrecorded) && (in_array_cin("$data[1]", $recordedshow))) {

This would bypass the db check and I think speed things up.  I would
like to do something like you suggested where the main page doesn't
have to load all 10000 + show listings.

Remember on the episode listing page for a particular show the default
is to display shows that you haven't recorded.  By selecting "Display
All Episodes" it should display everything.

I hope this helps


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